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Contracting Out

Jim Walker Jr

The underlying purpose is to preserve and enhance employment opportunities for our members and prevent the erosion of the bargaining unit. The Union Contracting Out Committee consists of three union personnel which are designated by the Local Union President. Before the company decides to contract out any work, it is required by the contract to notify the Union Committee in writing. The Committee then meets with the company in order to try and resolve the matter by mutually agreeing that the work in question either shall or shall not be contracted out. If the matter is not resolved, a grievance is filed by the Union Contracting Out Committee Chairperson. The committee also reviews items which the company claims to be shelf items. These are items that the vendor would have on stock and normally be sold by them. The committee must mutually agree with the company that these are shelf items or a grievance is filed by the Union Chairperson in this situation also. If you feel there is work being contracted out by the company that shouldn't be, contact a committee member or call the union hall.

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Civil Rights
- (724) 842-2091

It is the continuing policy of the Company and the Union that the provisions of the Basic Labor Agreement shall be applied to all employees without regard to race, color, religious creed, national origin, handicap, disabled veterans and veterans of the Viet Nam Era, sex or age, and shall be provided a workplace free of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment shall be considered discrimination under this provision. There shall be no retaliation against an employee who complains of such discrimination, or who is a witness to such discrimination. If you have a civil rights complaint, contact a committee representative for further information.

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Education Committee
Jeff Ekas - (724) 842-2091 Ext 247

The purpose of the Education Committee is to help meet the educational needs of the Officers, Committees and Rank & File members. This committee was developed to help teach leadership skills, organizing tactics, and to learn the history of the union. Also, programs can be set up through the International and the District for educational training on things like Civil Rights, Health & Safety, Rapid Response, Officer training, Grievance and Steward training, and just about any educational need members may have. Through the Membership Development Department at the International members can get a college degree through the George Meany National Labor College. If you are interested in finding out more about how to obtain a college degree, contact the Membership Development Department at Five Gateway Center, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, (412-562-2400), and they will be happy to mail you out a packet with information.

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ICD Committee
Joe McAninch, Coordinator (724) 845-1479

Mike Abate, Matt McIntyre

The USW-Allegheny Ludlum Corporation, Western PA Plants Career Development Program (CDP) exists for the purpose of addressing both the immediate and the future educational needs of its workers.

As the 21st Century approaches and becomes reality, the Steelworkers accept the challenges of our informational society and of the global market. Today's Steelworkers regards technology, science, mathematics and communication skills as important elements of their future. It is the Career Development Program's mission to support and encourage each worker to make an informed contribution to the industry and to improve personal educational backgrounds so that everyone benefits from a culture dedicated to learning.

The Career Development Program is structured to enhance workers lives by:

  • Helping everyone deal with the transitions of modern life.
  • Bring workers together to construct ideas.
  • Provide access to specialists who can assist with the personal well being, and provide strategies for lifetime learning.
  • Assist workers to examine their own self-perceptions and attitudes about change.
  • Involve workers in the designing, directing and evaluation of the CDP

    • MARCH 15, 2018

      ICD Spring 2018 catalog

        FEBRUARY 27, 2018

        The 2018 Tino Fulimini Scholarship Application is now available online.

        Tino Fulimini Poster

        Tino Fulimini Flyer

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        Dave Galo, (724) 842-2091

        Local 1138 Entertainment Committee sponsors two main events every year.

        The annual Spring Easter Egg Hunt is for all Local 1138 Unit Members and Members of Local 502, West Leechburg and Vandergrift Plant Guards who have children from one to ten years of age. Weather permitting, this annual event is held outdoors, and over 1000 candy filled eggs and prizes are given away to the children.

        The second event is the annual Children's Christmas Party. This is another fun filled event when Santa Claus arrives at Local 1138 Union Hall. All members of Local 1138 who have children up to the age of ten (10) years old are invited to come and visit Santa and Mrs. Claus and take home a Christmas treat!

        Annual Children's Easter Egg Hunt

        Kurt Dehnert- (724) 842-2091 Ext. 245

        The mission of the committee is to see that all members and their families are given the opportunity to receive all the help that is sought to have a quality of life. If you or a member of your immediate family need to contact Bill please call the Union Hall and leave him a message.

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        Jeff Ekas, Chair - (724) 842-2091 Ext 247
        Dave Galo

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        (724) 842-2091 ext. 224

        Cory Grantz - Vandergrift - (724) 842-2091 ext. 252

        Brian Kemerly - Vandergrift Maintenance/Grievance Chair - (724) 842-2091 Ext. 224

        Grievance Reps and Shop Stewards
        Vandergrift ProductionVandergrift Maintenance
        Cory Grantz, Rep
        Brian Kemerly, Rep
        Dave McGuireMatt McIntyre

        When you have a work related problem, contact your department grievance representative or shop steward immediately. You have 30 days from the date of occurrence to file a grievance.

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        Mike Abate, Chair (724) 842-2091 Ext. 223
        Dave Galo, Dave McGuire, Bill Galo

        Rapid Response is the USW's grassroots communication, education and action program that involves every steelworker member. Rapid Response allows for almost instant personal communication with every USW member on any given subject. Rapid Response provides the necessary structure to inform every member about pending legislation concerning labor and work related issues. Rapid Response provides the necessary structure to activate the membership to provide for real change in our ability in influence the political process. This system provides tremendous political action on any given issue. Rapid Response also provides the tools to generate necessary changes in the political process to insure that labor survives and flourishes far into the future. Finally, Rapid Response provided opportunity for all USW members to have a strong voice and any active part in the political and legislative activities that affect their daily lives. This program allows members to fight back on a daily basis on issues that affect the, their families and their communities.

        For more information, visit the USW International Web Site.

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        Mike Abate(724) 842-2091 Ext 223
        Dave Galo

        The Scholarship Committee of Local 1138 is committed to providing scholarships to the daughters and sons of our members. We raise the money through drawings, of which we would hope all of our sisters and brothers would help support. For without your help, there would be no money to give out. Please check this site periodically for upcoming fundraisers and thank you for your support. Every year six winners are picked by random drawing. Three students who are just graduating high school and three students who are already attending a college or trade school.

        Local 1138 Scholarship for 2017

        USW Local 1138 Scholarship winners for 2017 were drawn by random drawing at the July 10th Rank and File meeting.
        Three $500 Scholarships were awarded to students graduating high school this year

      • Benjamin Vicini - Member Joe Vicini - ATI Vandergrift
      • Allie Fumea - Member Greg Fumea - ATI Latrobe
      • Sam Beavers - Member Keith Beavers - ATI Vandergrift

      • Three $500 Scholarships were awarded to students already attending a college/trade school

      • Jonathan Hendrickson - Member Jim Hendrickson - ATI Vandergrift
      • Tyler Galo - Member Bill GAlo - Akers National Roll
      • Alex Rowse - Member Edwin Rowse - ATI Chem Labd
      • 2017 Scholarship Awards will be given out at our August 14, 2017 Rank & File Meeting 7:30 PM.
        Congratulations to all winners!

        Below is a picture of our 2015 Scholarship Award Winners who attended the June 8th R&F meeting to receive their scholarships.
        Also pictured is Local 1138 President Bill Galo.

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        Lou Bonnoni (724)842-2091
        Jeff Cogley, Bill Oskey

        The Main objective of the Veterans Advisory Committee is to try to keep both active and inactive veterans informed of existing and new regulations that affect their lives and their families. As we receive new information, we will make it available to you.

        Click Here

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        Dave McGuire, 724-842-2091 Ext. 225

        Wellness Committee News

        Free Flu shots for ATI Flat Rolled Products Active Employees Only (includes laid off employees)
        See the flyer below for dates, times and locations.

        Free Flu Shot flyer

        Check back for updated Wellness Committee News and Information

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        (724) 842-2091

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