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The Workers Compensation Committee's mission is to provide guidance to our membership in all incidences of work related injury. This would include cumulative trauma, occupational disease and specific loss. If you are injured, you have valuable rights under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act. The committee can help you to exercise those rights to the fullest.
A representative from the law firm of Rudberg Law Offices www.rudberglaw.com is in our union hall on the first Thursday of every month.
A representative from the law firm of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman LLC www.cbmclaw.com is in our union hall on the third Tuesday of every month.
The Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation Act, Section 306(f) requires that an employer provide reasonable surgical and medical services including medicines and supplies to employees for injuries arising in the course of employment and related thereto. Allegheny Ludlum Corporation designates a list of at least six physicians or other duly licensed practitioners of the healing arts that the injured employee is “REQUIRED TO VISIT ONE OF THE PHYSICIANS OR OTHER PRACTITIONERS SO DESIGNATED AND SHALL CONTINUE TO VISIT THE SAME… FOR A PERIOD OF NINETY (90) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE FIRST VISIT”. After NINETY (90) days the injured employee may visit any other physician or duly licensed practitioner of the healing arts, but the employee “SHALL NOTIFY THE EMPLOYER WITHIN FIVE DAYS OF THE FIRST VISIT TO SAID PHYSICIAN OR PRACTITIONER”. If the employee fails to do so, the employer may not be responsible to pay for treatment rendered by the non-designated provider prior to notification. The employee must notify the employer of any change in treating physician or practitioner. The Act further provides reporting requirements to be followed by the physician or practitioner before the employer is required to make payment for any services rendered.

Click Here to view ATI Workers' Compensation - Panel List of Physicians

Thank you Rudberg Law Offices for holding a Workers Comp Seminar at our Union Hall.

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